Bowlero Elite Series Rules

Bowlero North Brunswick / September 2019


1. The September event of the Bowlero Elite Series (“tournament”) is an invitation-only tournament open to amateur bowlers (“amateurs”) who compete in leagues at Centers owned by Bowlero Corp, and professional bowlers (“pros”).

  • Professional bowlers are defined as bowlers who are card-carrying Full members of the PBA or PWBA.
  • Amateur bowlers must be active members in a current league at any Center owned by Bowlero Corp. and have a minimum of 15 games bowled prior to the end date (June 19, 2019) for the application process.
    • Current league is defined as having a start date after February 1, 2019
    • If the current league in which the bowler competes starts on a date which prohibits the league bowler from compiling the minimum of 15 games bowled, the bowler must have bowled in a Bowlero Corp league for the 2018 – 2019 Fall league season


2. Participation in the Tournament is by invitation only. Bowlero Corp has the sole and absolute discretion on the participants of the tournament. 


3. The tournament field will consist of 8 pro bowlers and 8 league bowlers.


4. The tournament will be conducted at Bowlero North Brunswick, North Brunswick NJ on September 8 & 9, 2019. 


5. All bowlers are responsible for all costs incurred (including, but not limited to, transportation, hotel, meals, etc.) for their travel to the tournament site.


6. Bowlers will be required to attend the official Practice Session and any or all promotional events (Pro-Am, Celebrity party, etc.) at a date and time prior to but immediately before the start of the tournament. No additional compensation will be awarded for attending these mandatory events.



7.  PROS: selection process for the pros will be by invitation; professional bowlers will be selected by the Bowlero Corp Tournament Committee.
AMATEURS: The selection process for the Bowlero Corp league bowlers (“amateurs”) will take place during a defined submission period from May 1, 2019 through June 19th, 2019


8. Amateurs must submit an online application including a video. Forms and details for submission can be found at



9. All scores in this event are scratch.


10. The tournament will be conducted bracket-style, with one bracket each for the pro bowlers and the league bowlers. The winner of each bracket will bowl against each other in the Championship Match.
11. Each League Bowler will receive a $2,000 participation fee. 


12. Bowlers will be placed into their bracket by means of a random draw conducted prior to the start of practice. 


13. During Round #1, the 8 bowlers in each bracket will bowl a single-game, head-to-head match against their opponents, with the bowler who wins advancing to the next round. Winners in Round #1 will be awarded $2,000 each.


14. In Round #2, bowlers will bowl a single-game match against their opponents with the winner advancing. Winners in Round #2 will be awarded $4,000 each.


15. In Round #3, bowlers will bowl a single-game match against their opponents with the winner being declared the Bracket Winner and advancing to the Championship Match against the winner from the other bracket.


16. In the Championship Match, bowlers will bowl a single-game match to determine the Champion. The Champion will be awarded $100,000, and the runner-up will be awarded $65,000.


17. During the televised matches a coin flip will determine who chooses who bowls first and on what line. 


18. The bowler going first in each match will bowl one frame. The bowler bowling second will complete two (2) frames. Each bowler will roll two frames at a time until the match is complete.


19. Any ties in a game will be broken by a SINGLE BALL roll-off. If bowlers tie again, the single-ball roll-off will continue until a winner is determined. Bowlers will roll their single ball on the lane on which they bowled their ninth frame in the match, and then alternating frames if the tie continues. The bowler who originally started the match bowls first.



20. Lanes will be cleaned and conditioned prior to the start of the Qualifying Round. Lanes will be cleaned and conditioned prior to the start of the televised matches, but not in-between matches.



21. An official Practice Session will be held on a specified day and time prior to the start of competition. All bowlers will be required to attend the Practice Session.

  • The same oil pattern to be used for the competition portion of the tournament will be applied to the lanes for the Practice Session.


22. A pair of practice lanes will be available during the televised portion of the tournament for the bowlers competing in the televised matches.

  • The same oil pattern to be used for the competition portion of the tournament will be applied to the televised portion's practice lanes.



23. Bowlers will be required to wear Bowlero branded jerseys which will be provided by Bowlero Corp. No other logos, trademarks, tradedress, names or other symbols or marks may appear on any attire of any participant without the prior written approval of Bowlero Corp determined in its sole discretion. 



24. Ball reps / coaches will be permitted, provided, however, that any interaction and communication with participants is subject to reasonable discretion of Bowlero Corp.



25. During any televised games, participants will have 25 seconds:

  • From the time the bowler picks up his ball from the ball return.
  • In the event of a “balk” (bowler starts his approach but then stops due to distraction, etc.), the shot clock will be reset.
    • Bowlers will be allowed one (1) “Balk” per match.



26. Teams will be allowed two (2) uncontested re-racks in each game in qualifying and bracket play, and one (1) uncontested re-rack in each game in Round 3 and the Championship round. Additional re-racks are subject to the sole discretion of BES Tournament officials.


Full list of rules is here.