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A maximum of 6 people may be assigned to a single lane. So, for example, if you have between 7-12 people in your group, you will receive 2 lanes. Exceptions may apply.

Then bumpers you shall have! Bumpers are available and can be requested at any time during your visit or while you’re making your reservation. If you are booking online and want bumpers available upon your arrival, simply indicate your request for bumpers in the special requests box on the “Food” page in the checkout process.

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A bowling league is a group activity where bowlers are in a designated team and teams bowl against each other for prizes, skill-building, or just plain old fun. Most bowling leagues meet up once per week or once every other week, usually at the same day and time, over the course of a season. Interested in learning more about leagues offered at your local center? Click here to view upcoming leagues at your preferred center.

Most of our centers offer competitive and social leagues, which means you can play for prizes or just for fun! Don’t see a league at your local center? It’s easy to start one! Click here to view leagues at your center and learn more about starting your own league.


Each game of bowling is made up of ten frames or turns. When it’s your turn, you will have two chances per frame to roll the ball down the lane and knock down as many pins as you can. In traditional tenpin bowling, one point is awarded for each pin that is knocked down; however, there are ways to earn additional points:

When you knock down all ten pins on your first roll, that’s called a “Strike” and you will be awarded ten points, plus a bonus of whatever is scored with your next two balls.

If you knock down all ten pins with your two rolls on the same turn, it’s called a “Spare.” A spare will count for ten points, plus it will also add bonus points for whatever you score on the first roll of your next turn.

If you knock down all 10 pins at any point in your last frame, you will be allowed to throw a 3rd ball! This allows for up 12 strikes in one game, and a perfect score of 300 points!

Brush up on your bowling lingo below:
Candlepin Bowling: A variation of bowling that’s played with tall, candle-stick looking pins and a handheld-sized ball.
Duckpin Bowling: Another variation of bowling played with short, wide pins and a handheld-sized ball that does not have holes.
Foul Line: The line that separates the approach from the beginning of the lane.
Frame: A game of bowling is divided into 10 frames. In each frame, there are two chances to knock down all 10 pins. The only exception is the 10th frame, where a bowler gets an additional (third) chance if they bowled a strike or spare on their first two chances. Open Frame: A frame without a strike or spare. All 10 pins were not knocked down, but your turn is over.
Spare: To knock down the remaining pins left after the first ball with your second ball in the same frame
Strike Dance: The celebratory dance seen when a bowler bowls a strike
No-Tap: A type of bowling game where knocking down 9 pins, instead of 10, counts as a strike.
Deuce: A type of game where the bowler scores 200 points or more.
Turkey: Three consecutive strikes in a row.
300 Game: Occurs when a bowler bowls a strike on every possible frame, otherwise known as a “perfect game.”

The highest score you can achieve in bowling is 300, but we think any amount of points you score is perfect!

The heavier the bowling ball, the greater the impact will be on the pins. That said, we encourage you to select the ball that feels right for you. All of our centers are stocked with balls of all weights and sizes, so you’ll be able to try out a few to find the one that’s most comfortable for you.

We’re always strong advocates for personal style, but to learn the basics, follow these easy steps:

  1. Hold the bowling ball with your hand directly underneath the ball and your wrist straight. Your middle and ring fingers should be in the top two holes with your thumb in the bottom hole.
  2. Swing your bowling arm out and back behind your body.
  3. As your arm swings forward towards the lane, release the ball when it reaches your ankle. Remember to keep your hand straight and palm facing up throughout the throw.
  4. Practice, practice, practice!

To ensure that both your team and your neighboring bowlers have fun, follow these simple rules:

  1. For your safety, please wear bowling shoes. Your street shoes can damage the lanes or cause slips and falls.
  2. If you’re bowling next to other teams, bowl before or after your neighbor, not at the same time. This helps everyone avoid distractions and get their best shot at scoring a strike!
  3. Keep food and drinks away from the lanes to avoid spills and messes.
  4. Stay behind the foul line! Crossing the foul line can affect your score negatively and can ruin the game for your team.
  5. Enjoy your bowling games at the lane assigned to your team. Only throw balls or stand on your own lane.

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