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Celebrate the Holidays On The Lanes

Are you searching for a unique way to make your holidays special this year? Join the pros and celebrate the holiday season at Bowlero! Still need convincing? Let's dive into the top three reasons why holidays bowling parties are truly unforgettable.

1. Unbeatable Deals and Discounts

At Bowlero, we're all about offering unbeatable deals and discounts that will make your holiday season even merrier! From weekly specials and event discounts to specially crafted festive menus and more, you won't want to miss out. Take your shot at throwing a perfect game and save some cash along the way.

2. Weatherproof Fun All Winter Long

What could be a better gift for your friends and family this holiday season than the joy of bowling? No matter where you call home or what the winter weather forecast looks like, Bowlero centers provide the ideal destination for weatherproof fun. Book your Holiday Bowling Party and enjoy a fantastic time, rain or shine.

3. Host an Unforgettable Holiday Party

Give your coworkers a holiday party they'll cherish forever! Create your own extraordinary holiday experience filled with festive treats, exciting games, bowling, exclusive discounts, and more. Beat the booking rush by exploring our incredible holiday party package options at

4. Fun for All Ages

Many people are fans of the open bar, but some have the tendency to take it a bit too far. This over-excited intern definitely fits into that category. You'll probably experience some second-hand embarrassment due to this intern's inability to hold his or her liquor. Whether it’s speaking a little (or a lot) too loudly, telling rather personal stories, dancing like a maniac or getting into some other shenanigans, this intern’s behavior will turn heads –- and not in a good way.

5. Easy to Plan

If you’re looking to throw a low-effort, maximum-fun holiday party, bowling is the perfect choice! At Bowlero, fun, drink, and entertainment are all taken care of! Talk to one of our event planners to plan the perfect party.

6. Something for Everyone

Even if some of your guests don’t like bowling, there are other options to ensure they have a great time. From arcade games, lounge areas, billiards, and more, at Bowlero, there’s plenty to do besides bowl.

Hosting a holiday party at a bowling alley is a winning idea for numerous reasons. Whether for Christmas or New Years, a bowling party combines the joy of the holiday season with the thrill of a fun and interactive activity that's sure to leave lasting memories. The inclusive nature of bowling ensures that all your guests, regardless of age or skill level, can participate and enjoy themselves. With the convenience of on-site catering and the elimination of the need for extensive decoration planning, you can focus on the fun, leaving the logistics to the professionals. The ambiance of a bowling alley, with its lively atmosphere and exciting games, is the perfect backdrop for a festive gathering. So, if you're looking to make your holiday party a standout success, consider taking it to the lanes. From team-building to family bonding, a bowling holiday party promises an unforgettable and joyous experience for all.